located in the shops at Solaris, the heart of Vail Village and conveniently located on the in town bus route.

The first space is a dining room that can seat up to 100 guests. The second area is our bowling lounge. It features 10 custom white lanes with couches and tables for up to 6 guests per lane as well as several oversized plush sectionals behind these couches. We allow up to 100 guests in the bowling lounge. When combined to flow together we can accommodate hundreds of guests.

For groups of 10-35 ppl we are also able to offer semi-private lanes. We can further break down the dining area to offer a cocktail space for up to 30 guests in between the 2 areas to create a comfortable transitional space before a sit-down dinner or before bowling. In the summer and weather permitting we have a patio area with 35 seats or a standing-only crowd of up to 45 ppl. Featuring a layout that can be uniquely customized, DECA + BOL is ideal for a variety of events including sit-down dinners and luncheons, cocktail parties, charity events, live shows, screenings, wine tastings, etc.

We host everything from corporate retreats to wedding receptions, birthday parties, and live shows.

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With years of experience hosting events and parties of all kinds, our team is here to help execute the event of your dreams. From initial planning to day of set-ups, we can be there for you every step of the way.

DECA+BOL is the perfect location to host birthdays and many special occasions. From private bowling to restaurant buy-outs, there are options to make every event uniquely special.

DECA+BOL is a wonderful location to host guests and events of all sizes. Our space is flexible for intimate gatherings, large parties, and beyond. With food and entertainment all under one roof, we can make sure no detail is forgotten.

Our space is great for team building, allowing associates of the same company to have an opportunity to interact socially.We can customize our space and place company photos, logos or slideshows on our screens for your event.

Our f&b program has been driving innovation and pushing the Vail dining scene ever since its inception. With chef-driven tastes, expertly mixed cocktails, and beyond, you can count on us to curate meals for any type of event. From happy hours to wedding parties, our team is here to create the event you desire.